Generating Arrow Diagrams for Projects

Using arrow diagrams to visualize a project activity dependency tree is better than using a node diagram. Creating that diagram could be complex and time consuming. This tool would get you most of the way to a great diagram in seconds.

C# Graph Library - Working With Graph Data Structures

In the past I found myself solving problems from different areas using Graph models and Graph data structures. In this blog post I would like to share some of the tools and approaches I used and make that model more familiar to other developers.

Plato's Cave - Attending IDesign Master Classes

My experience of taking the iDesign master classes. Warning, contains some troubling truths.

Configure HTTPS with HTTP.sys for self hosted web servers

What’s the problem?

Setting up a web application to be served on HTTPS using IIS is quite easy. IIS takes care of most of the “ugly” details like managing the certificates (even creating a self signed one) and creating the binding to use it. But what if you are self hosting your web server outside of IIS? In that case, you have to understand a bit more to get things working.